May 6, 2016

Veteran’s Services

As a volunteer coach for veterans with PTSD, I’ve seen the miracles possible in release, recovery and a return to resilience possible with EFT.

Here is a testimony from Larry:

You may find this hard to imagine, but these are common results with EFT, in skilled hands. It’s been my pleasure to speak to many groups and veterans and family members.  You can find 2 radio broadcasts on Military Network Radio, with host Linda Kreter.  The entire collection is here, and below you’ll find two of mine with her:

You’ll find that I offer greatly reduced fees for working with veterans, using the green BOOK NOW buttons.

I also happily speak to any veterans groups or those who serve veterans and their families, so that truly we serve our vets who served us, bringing an entirely wholistic approach to bringing them HOME.

Contact me here for more information, questions:

You’ll find more information on how we’ve served out vets in the past here, on Veterans Stress, as well as a printable brochure.  Clinical field studies have been performed on EFT, especially for PTSD relief.  You can find more info on those studies (the original and a replication study), right here.

Happily a wonderful documentary also exists, entitled, Operation: Emotional Freedom.  I use it in my presentations and it is available at a honorary price to those who would spread the word of help & healing for military PTSD, here.