January 7, 2016

Training for Mastery and Confidence

2016 Training

Professional EFT Training Classes Mentoring for Certification & Excellence 

Up Next….Emotional FIRST-AID & Field Interventions

                   EVERYDAY TRIAGE for EVERYONE


April 23   Modern Sage Spa

351 2nd Street, Jersey City  NJ 07302

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July 29, Wilmington, NC  10-4

McKay Healing Arts                                                                         4916 Wrightsville Ave., Wilmington NC 28403

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            More locations and dates will be posted shortly.

Perfect training for those wishing to assist in providing speedy, effective and gentle everyday help – within classrooms, workplace, workshops as well as within private practice or helpful public intervention.  Prevent escalation and meltdown.  Save time and duress while developing comfortable boundaries with TAPPING FIRST-AID.    It’s an essential part of any technique toolbox.  NO TAPPING experience required and yet perfect for those with significant EFT training.  Equals 5 hours CPD

Who is this for?:  Everyone!  Therapists, Teachers, Parents, First-Responders, Caregivers, Community Services, public service providers, body workers, dentists, pediatric businesses, hospice, hospital workers, tutoring enterprises, coaches.



EFT Universe Level 2 Training   

July 22/23, 2016

A 2-Day, hands-on training in Manhattan. Level 2 is where the foundational concepts of EFT meet its everyday application and professional usage.  Emphasis at this level, putting knowledge learned into guided practice. Learn how to use which technique and when; rudimentary protocols begin developing into more confident, personalized skillsets within a supportive group. Join the remarkable revolution of speedy, effective, practical EFT.

A.R.T./New York – Spaces
520 Eighth Avenue, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10018

Cost:  $399; earlybird discount to $350 by July 1.  For more information, here’s the EFT-U workshop pages link, and PayPal buttons are below:

Early Discount & Full

PreRequisite is EFT Level 1 or equivalency with permission from the Trainer. Contact: Jondi@eft4Results.com


Exceptional Opportunity!  First-Time Ever!  


3-3-3!   Level 3+ with 3 expert Trainers, 3 days,         Aug. 19-21  ATLANTA, GA

First time opportunity to join me, along with EFT Founding Masters Ann Adams and Nancy Gnecco, for 3 days of exceptional EFT skill upleveling, polishing, and professional, nuanced delivery skills.  Become confident and masterful, under the supportive, encouraging direction of 3 top Master Trainers, committed to your success as an EFT Practitioner of Excellence. If you want to supercharge your results and confidence, this event is for you.  Not available anywhere else! 3 whole days with 3 experts for Level 3 mastery!

Great bonuses are available now:



also see my listings here: http://www.eftbyworkshop.cc


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and August 26…

Professional EFT Training Classes 

+ FastTRACK Mentoring for Certification  Excellence

in one tight package! Jondi_2014_0003

Easy, Structured Design to help you stay on track

Space is limited, RSVP here:by design, for personal attention


1. Sign Up. 

Here:  Jondi@eft4Results.com

Starts August 26.

PayPal details below       

2. Come to Class:    Brooklyn, NY

You’ll begin with The Foundations

August 26, 9:30 AM-4:30 PM

A 1-day, hands-on workshop covering EFT Level 1 topics and much more. Before class even starts you will receive materials, information and a brief Q&A designed to get you started interacting with the materials, hands-on.  In addition you will receive more post-class information and a live group webinar to reinforce crucial foundational, core material. This class is in Brooklyn, NY .

Next, Fundamentals In Action: 

August 27 and 28, 9:30 AM -4:30 PM

You’ll attend a 2-day, hands-on workshop,  covering EFT Level 2 topics and much more; you’ll find it’s swift, supportive and comprehensive. This is where we begin seriously using the tools for real-world application, and the point of departure for the professional certification process.  Note this class is also in Brooklyn, in  the same location.  Details for those registered.

3. Mentoring for Mastery begins.

After these hands-on classes,  during the next 14 weeks,  you’ll become a part of a supportive community of like-minded practitioner candidates, practicing and learning together, using 1-1 meetings, telephone recordings, webinars, handouts and mentoring calls .

You’ll be mentored and supported by the entire community for a comprehensive learning journey with live, online forums, 1-on-1 mentoring calls, recorded subject matter and hand-outs throughout the entire 4 months of this program.

Graduation and certification for those who successfully complete the training will be

 December 30th, 2016.

This training meets and EXCEEDS AAMET International requirements for practitioner certification. Please note this class offering is not currently offered by eft4Results for the EFT Universe program.

 Questions?  Jondi@eft4Results.com

                      Pay Buttons and Information Below:

Hurry!  Space is limited by design, for exceptional and personal attention and support. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, learning your goals and background to tailor this program closely to your needs, skills and focus.


Q: How much does it cost?   A: $1999, with $199 early signing discount by July 1st

Q: If I only need to come to Level 2. is it the same price?  A: No, it’s $399 less

Q: What if I am recently trained, and I only want Mentoring with the group?

 A: The price is $1200

Q: Do you have a payment plan?  A: Yes, via PayPal; 1, 2 or 3 installments

Q: How do I reserve my space?  A: Write me now: Jondi@eft4Results.com

Q: Does this have everything I need to get certified?   A: Yes, and more.

Q: Will you run this again?  A: Yes, in 2017

Q: What if I took these classes a long time ago?  A: You need a refresher!

Q: What if I’m already trained, and recently – can I still get this deep mentoring?

A: Yes!  Contact me and let’s get you started exactly where you need to be.

Why Choose This Training?    People Say: 

“Finally!  Someone makes it so accessible and practical!”

“This was fun, and profoundly meaningful to the work I do in the world.”

“I never understood how to do this confidently before this training!”

“This is the deep stuff – no one explained it to me like that before!”

“I love the way you show me how to integrate this into what I’m already trained to do!”

PAYPAL Payment Information – Training & Mentoring

August Levels 1&2 Training + FastTrack Mentoring

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Payment Options

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 2016 Class Offerings

EFT for Everyone!

 An Introduction to EFT for the general public, in the morning. Suitable for first-time introduction or as refresher before Level 2 class begins.  3 hours CPD

These next 2 courses are now part of the comprehensive EFT Training for Mastery and Mentoring Mastery program, above:

Fundamentals, EFT Level I, Mastering the Core Principles – 

a welcoming grounding in the foundational EFT techniques toolbox. A hands-on adventure in formal EFT training, offering practical uses and understanding of this remarkable set of tools. (Satisfies AAMET International requirements for certification tracks.)        scroll down for more course content information

Foundations in Action, EFT Level II training,

for developing Practical & Masterful Application of EFT.  This is an intermediate course, most suited for those already acquainted with tapping’s basic tools, as well as for the serious EFT student seeking to pursue certification through AAMET, the world’s largest EFT association. Hands-on, practical application is stressed. (Those completing this course are eligible to begin the certification process.)     scroll down for more course content information

Mentoring for Mastery is offered year-round

for certification purposes, or, for practitioners to work on specific goals for their practice and skills, as well as to satisfy AAMET International annual mentoring requirements.  It is also combined with the above 2 courses for a comprehensive training and certification package, beginning in January 2016  and returning in July, 2016.

Specialty Classes, Coming Again Soon:  images

Tapping First-Aid: Intervention Essentials to Calm & Contain

In this hands-on workshop you’ll learn how to calm and contain stress, overwhelm and triggering, within several practical contexts.  Specifically designed for use in private practice, training & professional workshops, and everyday interventions, you’ll learn specific tapping techniques to easily  calm and re-balance those in emotional overwhelm or heightened states of worry.  Perfect training for those wishing to professionally assist within classrooms or workshop facilitation, as well as within private practice or helpful public intervention.   Save time and duress while developing comfortable boundaries with TAPPING FIRST-AID.   It’s an essential part of any technique toolbox.  6 hours CPD     Will be held in Long Island, Boston and NJ locations

Note that while there is no prerequisite for this class, it is NOT intended as a Level 1 EFT Foundations course; please see below for that category of classes and their use in the certification path.  This class IS suitable for Continuing Professional Development hours within the international guidelines of certifying bodies.


Didn’t find a date you’re able to come? You can also check out these and other workshops here:  www.eftbyworkshops.cc


Unknown    Working With Animals and EFT, workshop intensives.  These are hands-on specialty classes in using EFT with animals, facilitated by EFT Trainer Jondi Whitis and her awesome animal Trainer, Practitioner and Listener friends, Anne Robbins, Ange Finn and Marnie George. 4+ hours CPD, depending upon customization.  More instructors coming online soon.


Practice Essentials & Workshop Facilitation (1 day);  The People’s ToolBox.  images-1

A 1-day adventure into Tapping and test-driving the essential skills toolbox.  This is Gary Craig’s gift to the world, the ‘People’s Tool.’  Suitable for the general public, for first-time introduction or as refresher before Level 2 class begins.  3 hours CPD   Various locations throughout the year.


Developing Confidence, Mastery & the Art of Delivery (Thoughtful, Skillful & Creative EFT – EFT III) –

August, Atlanta, GA Co-Taught with EFT-M Ann Adams

images-2This class is open to those having fully completed Levels 1 & 2*, and focuses upon using EFT in their private or professional practices; it also fulfills the advanced certification track for AAMET International.  And it is expressly designed to create advanced EFT practitioners of excellence —  those who want to grow into more confident, skillful tappers; if you are an ‘experienced tapper’ and desire mastery of the EFT toolbox, you are welcome to join us.We’ll take your current tapping skill sets, refining, polishing and stretching your capabilities and confidence, while instilling creative uses and choices for selecting appropriate techniques.  We emphasize plenty of hands-on practice, time for personalized feedback and mentoring, in class. Our goal to creating a vital community of tapping professionals – we call them Practitioners of Excellence.In addition, it’s common to experience personal breakthroughs in these advanced classes; you’ll find the space and support you need for comfortable transformations exceptional. There’s truly many reasons this class will hold your attention and be a most useful addition to your tapping toolboxes.Reserve your place now, as class size is deliberately limited to ensure personal attention and care.