October 1, 2014

Certification & Mentoring With Jondi

Learn how to master and deliver EFT with excellence. 

Truth: You cannot learn how to deliver confident, excellent EFT on YouTube or videos.  You need expert, hands-on instruction, practice, patience, a heightened sense of personal awareness.  Mentoring is designed to help you achieve all that.

I have been an EFT trainer for years, and a board member of the oldest and largest EFT association in the world, and train for other groups, as well.  So I took that knowledge, insight and experience and turned it into expert training and mentoring.  I call these learning tracks EFT Training for Mastery workshops and Mentoring Mastery groups.

From Beginner to Novice, Intermediate to Advanced level students, there’s something for everyone.  And it’s astonishing how much the community I’ve formed for them supports, uplifts, and nourishes those who also study the art of EFT.

 Even if you think you already know EFT, you’ll be happily astonished over what you’ll pick up in a new Foundations, Fundamentals in Action or refresher course.   Over the years I’ve developed a robust, deep-dish, hands-on approach that continues to attract students again and again. (And yes, I DO offer a reduced rate so my students can easily repeat and refresh to their heart’s content!)


* Formal Training Workshops

* Mentoring for Mastery

* Online ZOOM Calls: 

Mentoring calls take place about once a quarter.  You may attend a small-group mentoring call for annual requirements, or a general student mentoring call.  You can sign up here, via email; get on the announcement list so you won’t miss one! Jondi@EFT4Results.com

Classes will take place on EST (NYC time zone), with some limited to 8 persons, per AAMET International guidelines and regulations. This class will be streaming live by ZOOM link, so we can all see and hear one another. Calls combine a mentoring theme topic, followed by specific time for interactive Q&A for your practice or personal questions.

Upcoming Topics:  How to Grow & Get Good, AND  How To Creatively Flex; Making Your Work More Personal & Effective. Calls are typically $25, via PayPal. Space is limited, so contact me here and I will provide you details, the link, and the follow-up hand-outs: Jondi@eft4Results.com 

Choose Your Class!

MY NEXT, Formal TRAININGS are on the Training for Mastery & Certification page, on this same site.  Check the tab at top of site!

Are you ready to learn EFT or get more comfortable and confident using it? Our EFT Level 1 is a two-day, intensive, hands-on training designed to give students step-by-step instruction and practical experience in all the basic skills.

The course is open to anyone – from beginning students who want to use EFT for themselves, friends and family – to professionals who want to develop a powerful new skill set for their toolboxes. If you are looking to share EFT at the professional level, EFT Level 1 is designed to prepare you in every way to move on to Level 2, the requirement for entering the  EFT Practitioner Certification program from the largest EFT group in the world (AAMET International).

Level 1 is an experiential class that offers a balance of lecture, lively discussion, demonstration and hands-on practice. Students are encouraged to draw their own conclusions while learning basic skills in a uniquely supportive environment.

It takes time and practice to learn how to do EFT and Level 1 is designed to make certain that each student has every chance to experience the basic skills enough to gain confidence tapping for themselves, family and friends.

LoneFlyer       Foundations 1

This course meets and exceeds AAMET International requirements for EFT Level 1 training, and is a 2-day course:

  • Individualized attention, feedback, and practical hands-on experience
  • What EFT/tapping is and the history behind it
  • An overview of the Science behind EFT
  • Building Bridges from existing beliefs to EFT
  • How to use the EFT Basic Recipe, shortcuts and additional points
  • Measuring intensity, Testing and measuring progress
  • The ABCs of EFT, working with Aspects of our emotional and physical issues
  • How to handle Resistance/ (PR) Psychological Reversal
  • Skillful questioning and how to formulate Set-up statements
  • Meeting a person “where they are” and reflecting a person’s words back to them
  • The importance of getting specific and being persistent
  • Handling excessive emotional intensity & de-stressing
  • The Movie Technique for resolving troubling memories
  • What does progress look/feel like?
  • Using EFT to help with aches and pains
  • Using EFT on addictive cravings
  • Experiencing the concept of Borrowing Benefits in a group environment
  • Troubleshooting: What to do when your EFT does not seem to work

This is an abridged outline of the course and Level 1 requirements. Feel free to write or call if you have any questions (left).  Note that all of our classes meet and exceed AAMET International standards.  Contact: Jondi@eft4Results.com     This course is approved by THE EFT GUILD, and its Trainer is a member in good standing with The EFT Guild-USA.

Guild logo

The Fundamentals in Action Course   (EFT II+)  for Practical & Masterful Application

After completion of the first Foundations I class, your initial EFT skills are integrated into new material, for a deeper, more profound  understanding of the fundamental EFT tools.  Practical application to gain confidence and mastery is stressed, and hands-on use of your expanding and maturing use of the EFT toolbox begins in earnest.  You’ll learn to connect the protocol to a heart-centered approach that honors skill, essence and healing intention.  As in Foundations I, there will be plenty of time for practice with the curriculum, with your classmates.  In the lively classroom discussion, Q&A and critical review over two days, you’ll find your knowledge base expanding, integrating and your confidence emerging for the way you will uniquely use EFT in the world.  2-day course meets and exceeds AAMET International requirements.  This course is approved by The EFT GUILD.

The Fundamentals in Action class includes the following, meeting & exceeding international association requirements:

  • Crucial basic principles & skills review
  • The Gentle Techniques: Sneaking Up, Tearless Trauma, Guessing & Distancing
  • Using the EFT Tell the Story technique vs classic therapy
  • Gary Craig’s metaphor: The Palace of Possibilities
  • Writings on the Wall: Rules & Limiting Beliefs
  • Core Issues & Root Causes: The Tabletop/Legs metaphor
  • The crucial importance of Testing & variations as Meaningful Metrics
  • Shift Happens: cognitive, perceptual, energetic, and somatic shifts
  • The concept of Tailenders as doorways to more discovery
  • Introduction to positive language & Choices
  • Introduction to delivering EFT by Phone & Skype
  • EFT for groups and the Borrowing Benefits phenomenon
  • An Introduction to using EFT with children
  • How doing our own work increases our capacity for healing & service
  • The Personal Peace Procedure
  • Practice Ethics, Developing Boundaries, and the Importance of Confidentiality
  • All about official EFT Mentoring & Certification

If you have any further questions about Level 2, please get in touch (below). We look forward to meeting you and sharing EFT together.