The People’s Tool!


The beauty of tapping is that   it’s fast and easy to learn.  

I’ve got two great hand-outs for you, below:

Classic EFT Tapping and one for Emotional First-Aid.


Download these, place pages back-to-back, and laminate for a sturdy companion that will guide you through most of the problems life can throw at you.  And remember, when it’s a bigger than daily problem, don’t hesitate to call a skilled, certified practitioner to help you get through the big stuff.

EFT is the People’s Tool, and as a People’s Teacher, I want to gift you with a tapping chart that easily reminds you to tap!  There’s no need to carry that burden one more minute – !  Let’s tap – sturdy reminder to tap in the moment, and let the annoyance ‘go’  –  then we can easily stop and smell the daisies that Life brings us in each moment.