Tapping With Kids

Two Children, Two Lives, Two Tappings… What’s on Your Child’s Mind?

Recently I tapped with two terrific kids:  Leena, who had some worries about being late, and what that might mean or say about her.  And Sydney, who gets frustrated when trying to find ‘friends that fit.’  Just like adults, kids all have fears and worries – and when we look at them with an open heart, we find that the worries say volumes ABOUT us, instead of just being an annoying situation.  So, how can we use these frustrations and worries to open up a deeper conversation or introspection, one  that will serve us as we grow in the world, and expand our understanding of ourselves?

My tapping partner in the below video, Leena, felt worry when rushing to catch the bus, or going on field trips, which are very common childhood events and fears.  No one wants to be left behind, or called out for being out of synch with the group, right?  Watch as we tap together; she is easily able to relieve those feelings, and make herself feel comfortable.  And that’s the beauty of tapping – we can take care of and re-empower ourselves.  You can do this, too!

Tapping With Kids: Leena & Jondi

Sydney had a different issue on her mind.  Most of us have experienced a time when we cannot ‘find friends that fit,’ as Sydney put it.  Because we grow emotionally and physically at different rates, we can often find we’re feeling out of sync with our peers.  And when we take this information as a point of departure for tapping, we’re actually doing something proactive about it, instead of just complaining or compounding the belief that ‘life is hard.’  Try this, and you’ll see that it’s easy to take care of yourself when feeling this way, just like Sydney did.  Once the unsettling feelings and body sensations that are alerting us to the problem are gone, we can feel better, see more clearly, and make better decisions about our next steps to fix the problem!   Listen in as Sydney does just that:

The basics of tapping with kids are easy:

1. Identify the troubling thought or situation.

2. Identify the troubling FEELING you’re having about the situation.

3. Rate HOW MUCH feeling this is giving you, right now.

Tap through, using very basic EFT set-up skills and points, stopping to check every few rounds to see how much troubling feeling is left, until total relief is felt.  (And be prepared for some surprising insights and Ah-Has! when you do!)

If you’d like more information or help, contact me: Jondi@TappingStar.com