January 1, 2018

2018 New Year, New You, New Structure!


Here’s a resource for helping you find out – and get! – what you’d really like in your life, in 2018. I am providing you with a template and my very own filled-out version as a guide. Do let me hear from you about how you used it and your results. And of course, I’d love to hear from you and work with you in 2018, so reach out! Jondi@eft4Results.com

Here’s an example of the goal-getter resource, with an example filled-out so you can see how this might work for YOU!

Q 1&2&3: What do you want? Why? How do you want to FEEL?

1- Satisfaction, Energy & Ease; Freedom, Financial Security, Stability

2- To work in my chosen field because I want to, not because I have to pursue income; to easily afford spontaneous travel & activities for pleasure, a strong foundation to pursue advocacy and personally meaningful proBono activities. To speak on a much larger platform than just energy psychology; focusing upon personal transformation, trauma relief, and specific advocacies such as progressive programs and treatment of children, animal welfare, social benefit.

3- I want to feel SATISFIED that I have created the life I envisioned that supports me in doing the above. I want to feel healthier, lighter, more flexible and free.

Now that you know that, what kinds of goals will bring & support that?

  • Major Goals for 2018: Become financially sturdy enough to support my life and quality of life goals (above), using a combination of training, mentoring, practitioner work and creation of useful resource products that are helpful, appreciated and create meaningful income. Find capable, affordable tech VA/social media VA to support my goals. Create better overall health, thyroid rejuvenation, weight loss.
  • Monthly Goal: Create one new resource w/media support, 2 new outreaches for speaking/training; lose at least 2 pounds; finish 1book/class/seminar; welcome 1 new mentee; train 1+ class/course; create
  • Weekly Goal: Weekly commitment to complete writing projects for above goals, post 5x in support; lose at least ½ pound
  • Daily Goal: As below; feel satisfyingly complete each day, in accomplishing goals and vision for the day in support of the bigger goals; to be able to say ‘Done!’ with energy left over and a smile. To be able to approach the end of the day sunset with grace and a sense of ease: satisfied

Weekly Schedule Structure to Support the Above:

Mondays: Movement, Writing, Personal time, Creativity, ProBono
Tuesday-Thursday: Movement, Client/Mentee & Office Work
Fridays: Movement, Travel Prep, Personal/Creativity time, ProBono
Saturday & Sunday: Movement/Health, Training/Travel, Personal Time, Rest

DAILY Components: Use this list everyday, as a checklist

  • + Awareness (my famous, ‘Wake Up!, More Often! & For Longer!’)
  • Gratitude
  • Laughter/Play
  • Finding a satisfaction in every small thing; reinforce & embody that awareness
  • Movement: Like energy, the body is designed to move
  • Healthy Foods, the best I can find, of real foods & natural supplements
  • Connection Time with things or people who matter, satisfy my spirit, uplift
  • Personal Time to vegging-out, rest, wander, dream, recharge, embrace silence
  • Creativity: any kind will do, as long as it’s consciously pursued, embraced, enjoyed
  • Generosity of spirit; to give with a clear, easy conscious heart


Print this page, fill out, and keep in plain sight of your workspace:


Q 1&2&3: What do you want? Why? How do you want to FEEL?

Now that you know that, what kinds of goals will bring & support that?

  • Major Goals for 2018:
  • Monthly Goal:
  • Weekly Goal:
  • Daily Goal:

Weekly Schedule to Support:


DAILY Components Checklist: Use your list everyday: