May 7, 2016

images-1Resources and tools are here!

Want a quick and easy way to soothe yourself?

TAPPING-CHART-ADV-042315   Also check out my courses on Emotional First-Aid, or ‘Everyday Triage for Everyone!  They’re listed under my Training courses under the Classes & Training tabs.

How about a great hand-out for EFT, Tapping, that you can use as an easy follow-along?


Learn how to be a great detective with my new book (also on Kindle!).

And practical, useful conversations on a variety of EFT subjects:    Jondi_2014_0015

Want more?  How about EFT, for every situation?


I recommend Gene Monterastelli’s  Chock full of useful info on every topic!



Here is a great podcast we did together, all about Emotional First-Aid!


Want research on EFT?  Great sites here:

EFT Science and Research

And here:  ACEP, the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

And Those Interested in Work With Veterans, go here:

  The Stress   and  Operation: Emotional Freedom


How About EFT for Animals?   

I have several colleagues I work with, and here’s a great recording from my dear friend and mentor, EFT Master Gwyneth Moss: