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January 9, 2013

Note that I only promote my own events and those that I believe to be completely reliable and congruent with our mission and message.

So, if you’re looking for conscious community and terrific products to help enrich and speed your journey to emotional freedom and health, you’ll find a great collection of EFT4Results-approved ways to do that, right here. Most everything I promote is a free gift to the host, but I am beginning to branch out into a select few affiliate relationships so that I can offset and defray my pro bono work costs.  So if you see something you like, please accept my thanks for using my links to sign up.  – Jondi

HELP FOR TAPPERS – How to Make Your Tapping Business Sustainable

If you are a tapping practitioner, you might consider this new program by fellow tappers Alina Frank and Craig Weiner:  The EFT Marketing and Business Academy

I personally know the quality of their work with EFT students and practitioners, which is truly needed as so many (up to 80%!) of healing practitioners don’t make enough money to live from their gifts, and do their healing work in the world, full time. So this is a focused approach to making a real, sustainable living at what we do best.  They’ve lived these steps themselves, so they’re uniquely qualified to understand the challenges of all the tappers out there.

Their 6 month program will show you how to:

  • Cultivate Your Unique Practice Niche
  • Bust Through Your Fears of Being Seen and Fears of Success or Failure
  • Learn What You Need to Know (and What is a Waste of Your Time Learning) Regarding

On-line and Off-Line Marketing Strategies.

  • Discover the Keys to Protect Your Practice by Understanding All the Legal Concerns

With individualized attention, small class size, 24/7 support and accountability partners,  Craig and Alina want to take you from dreaming about your successful EFT business, into reality. For more details on the EFT Mastering Business Academy program, CLICK HERE. (YOUR AFFILIATE LINK GOES HERE)

This program is not for everyone; you’ll be asked to submit a brief application, as Craig and Alina want to work with folks they think they can really help. Just for doing that you’ll receive a 30 minute business review, and get your questions answered.  questions answered.




The long-awaited Tapping In Schools curriculum guide and marketing kit are here!

A comprehensive guide and step-by-step resource collection to introduce tapping for children in school settings contains everything you’ll need to professionally approach and provide educational settings with EFT introduction and instruction. In well-planned modules, lessons and packets, wall posters and more, you’ll be very glad the hard stuff has already been thoughtfully handled.  Just add yourself and your unique personality to customize any of the A-Z programs in this terrific collection.  More information is available here:

EFTradioOnline proudly carries our TapFest and TappingStar podcasts and live conversations with experts, authors, teachers, scientists and leading-edge medical experts.  Don’t miss a show!  Sign up for free here:















My own Guided Meditation, The Gift of Gratitude, is a downloadable MP3 meditation, and a great way to start or end any day. Your download includes two versions, a long one for deep, relaxation and contemplation, and another shorter version designed for people on-the-go. Please DO NOT drive or multi-task while listening. : ) Pre-orders are available now, at a 10% early discount. After release, the Meditation goes to full price, $10. Download after purchase with PayPal:

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND …. GARY CRAIG’s new, updated, official EFT Art of Delivery videos and of course his new website, are a must-see.You can learn using the Master’s tutorials and specially created Art of Delivery videos, honing in on each and every tool and technique of EFT. Here’s a link to get your journey started – these are affordable, must-have videos from the founder, himself:

Yes! I want to learn the ART OF DELIVERY

THE BOND is a wonderful book by author/journalist Lynne McTaggart, who also wrote The Field and The Intention Experiment.  I appreciate Lynne’s work and think you might, too. And being brought to you by Jennifer McLean is icing on the cake; I respect her interviews, teleseminars and workshops; I think you will, too! Here’s a link to sign up See you there! : )Sign Up and Order If you have any trouble seeing the correct window, you may use this one:

Wonderful work and package for KIDS & FAMILIES WITH CANCER, from EFT expert Deborah Miller, PhD. Empower yourself and those you love with this seminal, life-affirming work. Whether you are parent, healthcare worker, teacher or practitioner, you’ll be happy with this collection. Here’s the link:

HeartofEFT(small)   NOW IN PRE-ORDER is my new eBook, The Heart of EFT. A real treasure trove of information and ideas for using the best transforming tool in the world, EFT. Its accessible and conversational style is married to heart-centered wisdom born from years of experience, to guide your use of EFT and energy work for lasting transformation.  Need more info?

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