PTSD & Veterans


I’m looking for the perfect place to offer a Veterans & Family outreach event! Where are YOU wanting help or information? I will come to a group of 12 or more, and give a presentation on Operation: Emotional Freedom and The Stress Project, outstanding initiatives to assist veterans and their families heal and relieve PTSD symptoms. Contact me now, and let’s plan a presentation that works for you:

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Want to do it yourself? Sure thing! You can hold a real or virtual event, and it’s so easy! Operation: Emotional has created easy downloads for you. You don’t have to be an EFT practitioner to give out life-affirming information to your community on PTSD treatment and relief. OEF has made a flyer you can download for hand-out or emailing all your friends, family and colleagues. Also available: a dvd all about the Operation: Emotional Freedom treatment for veterans experiment, and results in their own words, scientific papers and data links, and a way to find others in the world doing this work and spreading the good news. THANK YOU for being a part of the solution to this debilitating problem. Here’s the link: Operation: Emotional

Check out the amazing work EFT offers those who suffer with PTSD. Not just veterans, but also their family members, coWorkers, friends, community members….  home


we all suffer when one suffers from these debilitating symptoms. But EFT has show outstanding effectiveness in treating, relieving and releasing PTSD. Check out this video from Operation: Emotional Freedom.

You may also contact the other great work done with EFT and veterans, including a place where they can get treatment for FREE, called The Stress Project. This is a grassroots movement by practitioners to get veterans the help they deserve (6 sessions, for free), and keep scientific study evidence for their growing archives, created for those who need to be convinced by statistics that EFT is an amazingly effective treatment modality for PTSD.

My colleagues and I urge you to obtain help for PTSD, using the above or any other EFT practitioner specializing in these issues.  (And if you are a qualified EFT practitioner that wants to help as part of our team, please contact Marilyn McWilliams; join us:

Show your support for our veterans who have served us by helping them completely return “Home” to their lives and wholeness.

I hope you’ll contact me; I’m delighted to help liberate you or your loved one, into real emotional freedom. Let’s get started; why waste another moment of your precious life? write me: