Professional EFT Training in Cape Cod (Level 1&2 Combined)

Speed healing & relief.  Learn how to deliver EFT with meaning and power.

And more you simply cannot receive from videos, scripts and large seminar environments.

One weekend, two levels: efficient and hands-on.

If you’ve attended my classes before, then you know what to expect, and that you’ll always find  something new and practical.  If you’re new to EFT, here’s what is waiting for you:

Fast Track Professional EFT Training will swiftly guide you through tried and true EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or ‘Tapping’) foundational techniques, solutions, and mindset strategies, along with the wisdom of how and why we use which tools, when!

You’ll learn the fundamental skills and practical application of the most popular modern, drug-free wellcare techniques in the world.  This 3-day course* meets and exceeds the standards of the original and largest professional EFT association, the global non-profit, AAMET International.

The Fast Track course is particularly designed and targeted with professionals in mind, although any serious student is welcome.  I also welcome former students of  at a reduced cost.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, work quickly, efficiently and is easy to learn and use. Aches, pains, anxiety, troubling memories – you’ll be able to work with these modern day living problems, and more.  

Tapping’s great promise to the world is its remarkable efficiency, speed, flexibility and depth, combined into an easy to learn protocol.  This training’s combination of foundational skills and practical application focus will begin your successful use  of Tapping for your practice, focus or organization.  Jondi’s comfort level and skill of integration ensures that participants gain direct, practical application for their unique situation.

EFT is truly the People’s ToolBox!

This class will set a special focus on those in childhood education and self-care for those who work with children.  

Certification is a process available after these prerequisite classes, through the largest EFT association in the world, the global non-profit AAMET International. You’ll receive pre- and post- materials and live webinar follow-ups for this course, including extra materials for those interested in professional certification, after Fast Track course completion.

I am a professional, accredited certified Trainers, experienced in delivering information into accessible, practical application by a wide variety of learners.  Come, learn practical excellence and make a world of difference in your community and your own life, too!

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