May 6, 2016

Personal Tapping Sessions

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I can help you develop clarity about whatever troubles you. Create new ways of dealing with old problems. Learn how to experience Life in happier, healthier, more productive ways.

I’ll work with you to comfortably relieve anxieties, stress, fears, phobias and behavioral issues. Let go of chronic pain or conditions that can’t be explained, performance issues and troubling beliefs. Work with me and we’ll discover the genesis of what’s troubling you and how to transform it and your experience…. into peace.

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My work is primarily by SKYPE, & ZOOM, which is not only convenient, but saves time and expense traveling, parking and more. It also allows me to easily work with folks like you, all over the world. Typically, initial sessions are booked for 90-minutes; I’ll ask you to answer a few questions before we begin, to be efficient with your time and money. Desired sessions thereafter are approximately 70 minutes.

I also continue my popular Intensives Day services, which are focused on achieving a particular goal or conquering a troubling aspect in an extended 1:1 session. Intensives are 3-hours (1/2 day) or 6-hours (full-day). This allows the full unfolding and exploration of a troubling issue to be collapsed and neutralized, and is for those who are completely dedicated to discovering and dissolving all connections to their issue, in a journey of respect, comfort and safety. Several tools and techniques are used within our time together, as appropriate to the person, need and situation. You may book any of the above, here:

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Please use the menu to request Personal Sessions, Intensives, or Mentoring, along with the weekdays and times that work best for you. The ACUITY calendar will show you where there’s an available booking space, and confirm your scheduled appointment and confirmation. Payment is due by the end of the session, which may be arranged in cash, check, money order or PayPal. Fees: Personal Sessions generally start with a thoughtful intake form and take about 90 minutes; thereafter our sessions will average 65-70 minutes; sessions are $175. My Intensives, designed to make breakthroughs and great progress on longstanding issues or traumatic events are 1/2 day: $400 and Full Day: $700. As you can see, this represents a significant discounting of the regular session rate. If you have need of a payment plan, simply request this in your email and you’ll be offered a 2-part plan.