May 1, 2017

My Newest Book Resources





Do you want to help people?  Do you offer services professionally or as a vocation? I have a new tool just for that very reason –

You will love my hand-dandy guide for getting down to the nitty-gritty of finding our core issues and genesis events that still cause us problems, today.

In How To Be a Great Detective, I cover many levels of questions, from easy, basic ones all the way to a more sophisticated and advanced use of questioning and interviewing techniques. It’s a standard part of my professional trainings (EFT Training for Mastery), and now available to other caretakers and caring professionals.

Learn how to ask deeper, more opening questions AND when it’s NOT a good time to ask for more information, as well!  The Art of Questioning is when we learn to nurture our curiosity and develop our insights for making an even bigger difference in our clients’ lives.  You can get it here, now.

Chockfull of great guidance, learn and concise questions and ideas; you’ll also learn:

  • How to move faster into the emotional underpinnings of pain symptoms
  • Learn how to find limitations as a door to genesis events that caused the beliefs
  • How to empower vs enable your clients to real emotional freedom
  • Better self-care for getting to the root of stubborn issues and long-standing patterns
  • Direct question section for pain symptoms and goal attainment
  • Develop better languaging skills and customize your own approaches

Here’s what others have to say about the book:

“The art of kind and curious questions is the core skill used in the practice of EFT.  In this delightful and straight-forward little book, Jondi introduces you to the simplicity of skillful questions. Whether you read it slowly or quickly, you will find valuable new best friends here, called ‘What?’ and ‘How?’ and others. These friends will be there to help you, and to help you help others.  This is a book to return to over and over.  Each line can be pondered to unearth good Tappable stuff.  Plant the seeds of Jondi’s questions, and your won will surely grow.” – EFTMaster Gwyneth Moss


“The most skilled EFT practitioners don’t have the right answer, but know what are the right questions to be asking. “How to Be A Great Detective” teaching you in a simple step-by-step way how to ask the right question in the right moment which will lead you to where you need to be tapping next.”  –  Gene Monterastelli    Editor,
“Jondi shares the useful questions that begat useful and productive answers. This practical guide also recognizes the importance of HOW you ask WHAT question and WHEN.  Helpful reference for all practitioners.”  – Ann Adams LCSW, DCEP, AAMET Master Trainer
Order a copy today and help more people, more powerfully, faster and with more confidence!  Kindle or Paperback.





WANT MORE?  Check out my podcasts on the most content-rich Tapping resource site, TappingQandA    Here is a free recording for you,  all about Emotional First-Aid, the kind of strategies and interventions you’ll need BEFORE you’re ready to Tap.  I even have a class on this, several times each year, or you can request I bring it to your community!