Medical Professionals Speak!

This is a collection of traditionally trained western medical professionals…

who’ve learned and integrated energy medicine into their practice for dynamic results.

All of these ground-breaking pioneers have come to view that Wellness is a result

of many things, among them, harnessing the power of our thoughts, our emotions and

our physical bodies into a coordinated effort for well-being. This paradigm of self-

aware, self-empowered health takes several avenues, as you can hear from any of these

innovative authors, researchers and doctors. More are added each season; listen to

them all, then please, pass them on to someone else who needs this Good News:

Dr. Henry Grayson, Psychologist, PschoAnalyst:

Dr. Robert Scaer, Neurologist, Tramatologist:

Dr. Robin Kelly, MD:

John Bullough, PhD, Psychotherapist:

Deborah Miller, PhD, Cell & Molecular Biology; pediatric Oncology child & family advocate

Dr. William Tiller, Scientist, Researcher, Author: