January 9, 2013

Gary Craig

The founder of Emotional Freedom Techniques, Gary Craig, has a wealth of great info and resources on his newly revitalized site, Emofree.com 

Straight talk and great insights, right from the creator’s own lips.  You’ll find a wealth of tutorials, commentary and resources for every level of your EFT journey.  Here’s the link.



GARY CRAIG, founder, Emotional Freedom Techniques

Gary Craig’s new website forms the foundation of his life’s work as well as the  ‘healing high-rise’, his term for the foundational home for all kinds of energy and spiritually-minded inspiration and instruction behind his EFT discoveries.

 And best of all for us ‘Tapping’ fans, he’s put together a priceless trove of video instruction and resources in both the TUTORIAL, as well as the ART OF DELIVERY section.  There are specially created, spot-on videos of Gary’s commentary for each and every one of his EFT tools and techniques.  Hear the master describe first-hand the comprehensive and elegant techniques called EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

You can now have the opportunity to watch his final, classic, official EFT videos, re-cut for excellence in in-depth training and comprehension, in your home, for a completely reasonable price anyone can afford.  Your journey to mastery starts here, with this handy link: Gary’s Tutorials

I can’t say this enough: Go there, listen, learn, practice, repeat.

It’s the first and last word, in the original EFT, from its founder.

Happy mastery, and thanks forever and always to Gary for such a remarkable toolkit for a world in need.


Jondi Whitis, Trainer, Practitioner & Radio Host

Here’s Gary talking about his gift to the world:



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