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Work with me to supercharge your progress on almost anything that holds you back. Transformation is not only possible – it’s quickly and easily within your reach.  And it’s affordable, too!

Email today, and let’s get you started, living the life you’ve always dreamed of.  Really wanting something better is the first step to having it.  I’ll show you how to take that desire for change and make it a reality.  The result?  A better YOU!


Hi, I’m Jondi Whitis, EFT Practitioner (CC, ADV, CERT-1, AAMET2), and I encourage you to experience real healing and relief from pain or emotional issues that trouble you or a loved one, in person or via telephone. Surrogate healing work is also available for your family and friends issues; we begin by handling your pain about their pain, first.

My method of choice is EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, because it’s the most effective, rapid and painless tool I’ve ever encountered.  Ever.  It’s remarkably effective –  80% and more! – and on almost any pain, malady, chronic trouble or obstacle you can name.  And EFT is uplifting, easy and creative, too.  There’s an endless variety of help that will astonish and delight you, even though the basic method is simple enough to teach a child.  This fantastic tool may be the last one you’ll ever need!

It’s my joy to also offer workshops for every kind of group or interest, seamlessly integrating Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and other Meridian Tapping Therapies (MTT) for your group’s specific needs. For example, I customize EFT introduction and experiential work for groups such as Reiki practitioners, Yoga Instructors, Counselors, Teachers, Therapists, PTA or Parent groups, Veterans, First Responders and community agencies, etc.  What would your group like to accomplish?  How about adding EFT to your practice to supercharge your results?


Animals, pets and their owners are also offered relief – from anxieties, stress, fears, phobias, behavioral issues and more.  Sometimes you’ll discover your pet is actually trying to cope with one of their owner’s problems, as best they can.  Their communication may not be clear to you, but like any relationship, good communication is key to success.   A whole new world of bonding and healing with your animals awaits you!

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Important You Read This:  EFT is a relatively new modality, and although we’ve never heard of any negative effects from its proper use, it’s important you use this self-care information wisely.  EFT does NOT replace quality healthcare or medications prescribed to you by your personal physician, and is NOT intended to replace that relationship. It’s always prudent to consult your healthcare practitioner before embarking upon ANY new treatments or exercise, and to use sound judgement in ALL your self-care and health-care decisions.