January 24, 2011

Answers to Popular Questions

Q:How can I learn more about what EFT is? And what kinds of things can it help me with?
A:Click here for more information on EFT.
Q:Where are the meridian tapping points? Do I have to use them in this exact order?
A:Here’s a short video that will tell you.
Q:How can I book a private or group session?”
A:Check here for more information.
Q:What if I don’t see my problem listed? Can EFT still work for me?”
A:As EFT founder Gary Craig says, “Try it on everything!” It often works where nothing else will.
Q:What if my problem issue returns?
A:Typically there is immediate relief, and with persistence, complete relief. If you do experience any further symptoms, it’s likely you’ve just triggered another aspect of the original issue. No worries! We’ll show you how to adjust your tapping to take care of this new aspect, too! From the first session to the last, I guarantee you’ll feel better right away.