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I offer Tapping Events of all kinds, throughout the year.

CREATIVE TAPPING TECHNIQUES:   Using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), as well as other protocols such as Picture Tapping Technique, Trauma Tapping Technique, Alpha-RePatterning and many adaptations.  All of these Creative Tapping Techniques are taught and used in service of whatever my clients, students and mentees need. It’s customized for better integration and greater effectiveness.


TRAINING offered for all three of these organizations:   As a member of The EFT Guild, AAMET International and EFT Universe, I hold professional credentialing and membershipthere are training courses, certification courses and specialty courses and groups. You can find more on these events, in the Training section.

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TAPPING GROUPS / MENTORING GROUPS:  Offered throughout the year, in Brooklyn/NYC, NJ, CT and on-demand in other areas. You’ll find these listed here, and on AAMET

MENTORING:  All year long, for certification as well as ongoing practitioner mentoring.  Typically, two Fast Track certification groups run per year, with 4+ FaceBook groups in support of the training and practice.

SPECIALTY EVENTS:  Introductory & Community Events on issues such as Trauma Relief, How to Use EFT With Your Children, EFT: Child Focus Training, PTSD Relief for Veterans & Families, and EFT for Licensed Professionals.  Contact me for more information on a group to suit your needs if you don’t see it listed below:

Are You Ready?  Ready to stop stumbling around, being confused by free YouTube’s and How-To’s?   Then it’s time to be trained properly, comprehensively and for terrific results and confidence.  Right here, EFT Training for Mastery.


My signature training, EFT Training for Mastery, is comprehensive.  Check out the Events that interest you most by following the embedded links, above.

January: Fast Track Tapping North Carolina, 27-29


In this short video you’ll understand the kinds of students and mentees we’re looking for, and you’ll get an idea of what you can expect from each of our Training and Certification programs.

In each of the EFT Training for Mastery classes, you can expect to receive quality training and essential, hands-on practice. If you are looking for training at any level, traditionally called EFT Levels 1, 2 or 3, or if you simply want to “uplevel” your skills in one of our specialty classes, you can trust this training to give you the essence and art of EFT in an accessible, easy, fun and relevant way.  And one of my specific gifts is in integration, your learning and intended uses for EFT are carefully considered and addressed.

Primarily training in theNew York City, Jondi also travels to classes in other locations and states, upon request. Latest trainings will appear here on the site, along with sign-up links, many times with a discount for early registration.  As a Master Trainer and Trainer of Trainers, Jondi Whitis is certified by the largest EFT association in the world:, and serves on the Training Board of the global tapping organization.

You can be assured you are getting the latest information, up-to-date training, and the most widely accepted curriculum available. Furthermore, the curricula and learning outcomes of each of our trainings meet and exceed AAMET Accreditation & Certification standards.

If you still have questions, please contact me:


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January, 2016

Level 1/Foundations – The first part of the 3-step EFT Training for Mastery process, NYC area.  This class is the beginning of a comprehensive and professional EFT training that leads participants from foundational tapping all the way through the certified practitioner process. The second set of classes are in February, with mentoring work from March through May, and graduation.  Limited space for personalized attention.

Emotional First Aid & Field Intervention – One day of immediate relief, triage and anxiety calming techniques to use on your feet, in the moment, for fast, effective results.  Perfect for all tappers and non-tappers alike, in practical or professional settings, as well as corporate and institutional use, and also for facilitators, creating sturdy, capable workshop assistants.

February 2016

Level 2/Fundamentals in Action – Part Two of the the 3-Step EFT Training for Mastery process, NYC area.   This class begins where Level 1/Foundations ends.  It is the continuation of a comprehensive and professional EFT training that leads participants from foundational tapping all the way through the certified practitioner process. After the completion of this class, participants will be mentoeThe second set of classes are in February, with mentoring work from March through May, and graduation.  Limited space for personalized attention.

imagesEFT Specialty Training, Child Focus – a 2-day specialty class for those who already know how to tap well, interested in using Tapping for and with children.  Boston area.

imagesEmotional First Aid & Field Interventions Training – a one day course suitable for all kinds of practitioners, healthcare staff and caregivers.  Learn immediate stress & anxiety relief tools and techniques for in the moment care, emotional triage, and client or workshop overwhelm. Combat compassion fatigue and burn-out, and train your volunteers or staff in how to rapidly invoke calm, contain outburst or upset, and restore choice points from a resourceful state.

Please see the page on this site titled TRAINING FOR MASTERY for sign-ups.


BOSTON AREA – Closed Group – Dec.

NYC – Closed Group – Sept. 27/28 Tapping Intensive

NYC – Open to Public – Oct. 28/29 Level 1 Fundamentals & Foundations

Durham, NC – Open to Public – Nov. 1/2 – Level 1 Fundamentals & Foundations  $295 


Most months, one Tapping Circle is offered, usually on a donation basis with a $25 suggested fee. The group taps together, practices together, has fun, gets support , insights, tranformation and makes new tapping buddy friends, too.

The practice of tapping in circles provides “Borrowing Benefits”, which means everyone feels better, fast! Come experience this joyful, small community activity with like-minded friends. You’ll feel better, lighter, calmer, more in control, returned to a resourceful state and happier, too!

While everyone is welcome, you must RSVP here:   Unknown

are offered on an ongoing basis, for specific groups, themes or locations. Any group of 10 or more is welcome to ask for a calendar date; anyone can be the sponsor contact, arranging a time and date for the group, etc., and they’ll receive their tuition for free!

are available from time to time, either on the EFT4Results conference phone lines, or on our SKYPE Pro service;  It’s  economical and time-efficient!


Groups of 10 or more are welcome to book training and certification groups; I teach Levels 1-3 for knowledge and skills, for certification, and for specialty themes such as Trauma-Relief Focus, Childrens’ Focus, and Veterans PTSD-Relief Focus.  I also offer specialty presentations to groups such as therapists, social workers, oncology workers, and school administrators; you may wish to read more about it on the Training for Mastery page of this site.