Coming Up! Great shows!

Coming up, up we’ve got great shows for you!

On October 4th we’re visiting the delightfully wise Linda Wood, and we’ll talk about what to do with our own (or a loved ones’) scary diagnosis.  What do we do? Say?  Handle our feelings?  Here’s a great opportunity to find out from an expert.  We’re on and, 2 Thursday nights a month!

George Brooks

On October 18th, join us for another topic that feels taboo to mention – I’m talking to the loving and kind George Brooks, about Kids Who Cut and self-harm.  You don’t want to miss his compassionate counsel, advice and wisdom.  Call in, comment, listen, and bring a friend!


Dr. Henry Grayson

I’m talking to Dr. Henry Grayson on Thursday night (31st) about how we can use our BODY to heal our MINDS.  He’s spent a lifetime of practice and study is can’t wait to tell you how you can do this!  In June I’m interviewing Gene Monterastelli on a fabulous project he kickstarted off into great success, a tapping program for inmates, and a brand new book about the project.  Inspiring stuff, June 28th!  Later on, I’ve got Steve Wells from DownUnder, shedding light on how to help children with anxiety.  This is a subject near and dear to both our hearts, so don’t miss it on the 12th if July.  Then on June 26th, I welcome Rosalie Deer Heart, a soul reader and healer to talk about how we can awaken and nourish our souls, and access all the wisdom of our highest and best selves.

What a summer!  Join me, on EFT Radio Online, and BlogTalk Radio for wonderful TapFest and TappingStar shows, always free, always archived.