April 19, 2016

Class & Course Info

YOU CAN LEARN HOW TO HAVE A BETTER LIFE.  You can learn EFT (Tapping) and how to use it.  Easily, quickly and effectively with an experienced, passionate EFT expert Trainer!  The teacher makes a huge difference to not only your enjoyment, but the rapid uptake of information, accessibility and adaptability of the knowledge to your practice or purpose!

Ever felt like this in a class?  military-662863__340


Exactly.  The curriculum is crucial in providing you with the proper basics, and everything else is about the instructor!  Supportive, compassionate, skilled instruction is key!

Why settle for a class that looks cheap, or is simply convenient, when your future as a healing professional is involved?

But don’t just take my word for it! A few comments from my training evaluations:

     “Jondi’s compassion and ability to explain things easily is remarkable.”
     “I have been taking these classes for years, and had no idea I could still learn so much!”
     “You had me at hello!  I’ve never had so much fun learning something so useful, in my life!”
     “I particularly appreciated your patience and the attention you gave each person.”

Contact me now to discuss your needs, and get going with confidence!

Jondi@eft4Results.com        Jondi_2014_0015

Or look on this site, under the Training & Certification tab, for current class offerings.