May 6, 2016

Children’s Services


There is nothing more important than our children, as they’re the future of the world.  I’m a dedicated children’s Tapper, and bring compassionate care, an experienced heart and enthusiasm to every child, case, parent, teacher and those who work with children that I meet.

It’s easy to teach children Tapping, and I specialize in bringing them a version that is fun, easy and appropriate to their age and situation.  Typically I will work with the parent or teacher, as the energy they bring to the situation is often improved with Tapping, bringing about change to the whole situation as they child encounters a different energy from the parent or caregiver.  Typically the child has a few conclusions about themselves, or meaning they’ve made, around the person or problem; we can quickly and easily untangle things to happy result.  Adults are like that, too!


Let’s talk.  I offer private sessions for parents and children, and training specialities around Tapping and children.  A former Teaching Artist in the public school system, I believe that one day every school will emulate the modern schools that already offer Tapping in their daily routine, for problem solving and teaching children self-regulation.  It’s fast, easy, efficient and effective.

Let’s get to work, giving you and your child or child client the emotional intelligence, resources and self-care tools to create a life of health & ease!  Contact me for an appointment:

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I have two resource sites you can check out:, and the new one, Tapping4KidsInternational, coming soon.  Both will offer resources, such as my podcasts, interviews, downloads and articles to help kids feel better fast.