May 6, 2016

Professional Certification & Mentoring

EFT Training for Mastery


 Professional EFT Training Classes

 & Mentoring for Certification & Excellence


How you learn, and how well you are able to use your knowledge are hallmarks of quality training.  So why wouldn’t you look for Trainers with superb training themselves, and years of expertise?  And a Trainer that carries first-class certifications, is Accredited and has great references and word of mouth?

I’ve trained with the best, and am proud to pass on the legacy of Tapping excellence provided to me, creating future generations of practitioners and teachers of excellence.


I’m an Accredited, Certified Master Trainer & Trainer of Trainers.   I’m also on the Training Board of  AAMET International, and care deeply about first-class Tapping and training.   I also carry certifications and memberships with EFT-Universe, AMT and the EFT Guild of excellence.  It’s my privilege to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and experience I’ve gained to you.

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What You’ll Receive:

A comprehensive, relevant, practical and usable knowledge of how and why EFT works, with real-time, hands-on  practice experience with a variety of circumstances.   You’ll find a warm, supportive environment and lots of personal attention. And you’ll walk away with enthusiasm and confidence to begin using EFT for self, family and friends.  With more advanced course work and certification, you’ll also be able to practice EFT with clients. Currently I only certify EFT candidates through AAMET International. (You’ll find specific class descriptions by scrolling to the bottom of this page.)



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….and don’t miss the 6th Annual Spring Energy Event in the NYC-NJ area, April 13-15, 2018. Our annual community of Tapping professionals and fans meet once a year to support, inspire, learn and rejuvenate.  Register NOW and save your place! You must have a reservation and ticket to attend.


You can find my courses and those of other energy psychology professionals here, on and on AAMET


is offered through the original and largest EFT association, AAMET International.  You’ll find a wealth of information on the whole training process here.

My path to certification mentoring and training program is available to those who have taken EFT Levels 1 & 2, or their equivalent.  Please contact me directly for more information and a personal discussion, after you’ve read the above.  I’m happy to help you chart a path that is tailored to you and your particular use of EFT in the world.

Mentoring matters a great deal; my shepherding of each certification candidate harnesses the foundational skills and practical application, and truly builds a pace and integration focus to meet your individual needs.   Contact me to discuss your needs:

   MENTORING Program for Professional Certification

Mentoring and Certification happens all year round, after the completion of professional EFT training through the original, largest, international non-profit EFT association, AAMET International.  The foundations (Level 1) and fundamentals in action (Level 2) are held several times a year, in various convenient locations. After completion of Level 2 course work you may begin the certification process, which typically takes 6-9 months, depending on your own speed and comfort.  My mentoring and certification is one of the most intensive in the profession, typically involving multiple mentoring sessions on your skills, delivery and process, involving 1 or more group mentoring calls, and intensive review of required practice sessions and case study review.  Why?  I am dedicated to creating EFT Practitioners of Excellence.  Are you ready to be one?  Contact me now, and let’s get started. 

Payment Options


    EFT is often called ‘The People’s Toolbox’  images-1       It’s an effective, powerful and rapid way to:

  1. Decrease worry, stress
  2. Pain and suffering from physical conditions
  3. Achieve your goals and perform your best
  4. Dampen cravings and create choice-points
  5. Release troubling memories and thoughts

An expert teacher can help you learn how to use EFT for almost anything.  Join us for this special ONE DAY training and take home tools you can use for yourself, family and friends.  ‘Tapping’ will help you un-complicate your Life by providing real, in the moment solutions and relief.


Watching videos or reading from scripts can’t give you the great results you want. Come and learn how real  people with real issues can successfully take back control, satisfaction and joy in living.


FAST Track Professional EFT Training:

In just one weekend you can learn the fundamental skills and practical application of the most popular new modern wellcare techniques in the world.  This Fast Track course is particularly designed and targeted  with professionals in mind, although any serious student is welcome.

EFT, Emotional Freedom Techniques, works quickly, efficiently and is easy to learn and use. Aches, pains, anxiety, troubling memories – you’ll be able to work with these, and more modern day living problems.  Tapping’s great promise to the world is its remarkable efficiency, speed, flexibility and depth, despite being a simple mechanical protocol to learn.  This training’s strong foundational skills and practical application focus will begin your journey into its successful use within your practice, focus population or organization.  This Trainer’s great skill with integration ensures that everyone is taking away expertise with direct, practical application that applies to their unique situation.

Certification is available after these prerequisite classes, through the oldest and largest EFT association in the world, AAMET International, through this same Trainer. You’ll receive pre- and post- materials and live webinar follow-ups for those interested in professional certification.


EFT Level 1 Professional Training  – This is the foundational class, wherein we learn about our body’s energy system, and how it affects us, along with EFT’s history, the evidence that informs the practice, and the basic protocols derived from EFT’s ancestors, TFT and the Acupuncture meridian system. The foundation of hands-on learning of these basic tools will be built upon for every other EFT training or class. You’ll easily learn how to take care of basic pains, complaints, negative emotions and troubling thought loops, as well as how to begin gaining clarity on the genesis of the problem or situation.  Conceived as a 2-day course and worth 12 hours of instruction, it may also be combined with pre- and post-course material in a 3-day format that also covers EFT Level 2.  For beginners, the 2-day Level 1 is ideal.


EFT Level 2 Professional TrainingThis is where the foundations come alive, as fundamentals in action.  Level 2 is focused upon the practical application of the tools learned in Level 1, on real world problems and situations. You’ll be engaged in a more specific hands-on practice with others, interactively receiving instruction on applying the various techniques for better results and ease of use.  A deeper exploration of unfolding key, core issues and events begins here, and its connections to current situations becomes clear.  Managing session facilitation and offering Emotional Freedom Techniques as a service is a part of this course offering, along with different application styles and reasoning. Successful completion of this workshop will result in an AAMET Certificate of Completion, and is the pre-requisite for entering the certification process.  (For more on this, go here.)


EFT Level 3, Advanced Practitioner Training and the Art of Delivery – This course is best taken by those who’ve been working at Level 2 (Practitioner) level for some time, in order to create a strong, conscious competence with the EFT toolbox. Typically this would take place a year or two after the Level 2 coursework is completed.  Many Level 2 graduates will elect to become certified before moving into the more advanced materials and techniques of Level 3. Trainers will discuss with potential students their individual readiness for this course.  Contact me:



EMOTIONAL FIRST-AID, EMOTIONAL RESCUE and EVERYDAY TRIAGE FOR EVERYBODY are all courses designed to teach in-the-moment Tapping and Stress-Reduction adaptations for life events and situations that commonly acuse distress. Perfect training for those wishing to assist in providing speedy, effective and gentle everyday help – within classrooms, workplace, workshops as well as within private practice or helpful public intervention. It’s immediate help in your fingertips.

Prevent escalation and meltdown.  Save time and duress while developing comfortable boundaries with EMOTIONAL FIRST-AID.    It’s an essential part of any technique toolbox.  NO TAPPING experience required and yet perfect for those with significant EFT training.  Equals 5 hours CPD

Who is this for?:  Everyone!  Therapists, Teachers, Parents, First-Responders, Caregivers, Community Services, public service providers, body workers, dentists, pediatric businesses, hospice, hospital workers, tutoring enterprises, coaches.

If you’re fearful about what to do in times of sudden trouble, this is for you. If you’ve often been frustrated that you ‘just didn’t know how to help,’ this is for you.  If you and those you work with are often stressed-out about what you have to see, hear or go through as professional caretakers, this is for you.




EFT: CHILD FOCUS is a collection of Creative Tapping Techniques, designed for those who already know how to tap, and wish to become more confident, effective and rapid in helping young ones to a better self-image, perception, performance and future. This is NOT a how-to-tap course; please have at least a solid beginner Tapping capability as this course is focused upon developing more advanced skills and delivery.


INTRODUCTION TO EFT & ENERGY WELLNESS FOR EVERYONE – Typically this is a 90-minute class to 5-hour workshop, tailored to fit the audience and desired knowledge/use of EFT within a certain context. Learn how to quickly deal with simple everyday problems, pains and troubles in the comfort of a small group with expert instruction and hands-on practice.  One day and walk away with skills you can use to uncomplicated, weather and conquer life’s unexpected ups and downs, and even The Big Stuff, in the moment.  Don’t let things build up and become traumatic issues; learn how to take care of yourself, friends, others and even clients.


MENTORING for MASTERY Workshops & Interactive Calls – These calls are for Jondi’s mentoring for certification candidates, AND practitioners looking to brush up on skills, a technique, a case consultation or annual mentoring hours.


Life is Complicated.  UN-complicate it. Learn How to Help Yourself.

(And your Family & Friends, too.)


Who’s This For?     hands-14109__480

Anyone who wants a more satisfying life experience.  Anyone in stressful jobs or circumstances:  Parents, Teachers, Community Service Providers to First Responders, Police, Fire Fighters, Military; professional health and WellCare providers such as Social Workers, Therapists, Counselors, Psychologists; goal-oriented professionals like Coaches, Trainers and Nutritionists can all benefit from learning these techniques.  The addition of these tools will super-charge your results when integrated with your work, and provides the means for expert self-care, too.Increase results, prevent burn-out, and speed your recovery times for both.



Mentoring for Mastery is offered year-round

for certification purposes, or, for practitioners to work on specific goals for their practice and skills, as well as to satisfy AAMET International annual mentoring requirements.  It is also combined with the above 2 courses for a comprehensive training and certification package, beginning in January 2016  and returning in July, 2016.

The Fast Track journey is here.


FastTRACK Level 1&2, then Mentoring for Certification  Excellence

in one efficient package! Jondi_2014_0003

Easy, Structured Design to help you stay on track

Space is limited, RSVP here:by design, for personal attention


1. Sign Up. 


Starts August 26. In-person, hands-on classes run 3 days, Aug. 26-28th

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2. Come to Class:    Brooklyn, NY

You’ll begin with The Foundations

August 26, 9:30 AM-4:30 PM

A 1-day, hands-on workshop covering EFT Level 1 topics and much more. Before class even starts you will receive pre-course materials, information and a brief Q&A designed to get you started interacting with the materials, hands-on.  In addition you will receive more post-class information and a live group webinar to reinforce crucial foundational, core material. This class is in Brooklyn, NY .

Next, Fundamentals In Action:  

August 27 and 28, 9:30 AM -4:30 PM

You’ll attend a 2-day, hands-on workshop,  covering EFT Level 2 topics and much more; you’ll find it’s swift, supportive and comprehensive. This is where we begin seriously using the tools for real-world application, and the point of departure for the professional certification process.  Note this class is also in Brooklyn, in  the same location.  Details for those registered.

3. Mentoring for Mastery begins.

After these hands-on classes,  during the next 14 weeks,  you’ll become a part of a supportive community of like-minded practitioner candidates, practicing and learning together, using 1-1 meetings, telephone recordings, webinars, handouts and mentoring calls .

You’ll be mentored and supported by the entire community for a comprehensive learning journey with live, online forums, 1-on-1 mentoring calls, recorded subject matter and hand-outs throughout the entire 4 months of this program.

This training meets and EXCEEDS AAMET International requirements for practitioner certification. Please note this class offering is not currently offered by eft4Results for the EFT Universe program.


Space is limited by design, for exceptional and personal attention and support. I’ll get back to you within 48 hours, learning your goals and background to tailor this program closely to your needs, skills and focus.

FAST TRACK FAQ’s:Q: How much does it cost?   A: $1999, with $199 early signing discount by July 1stQ: If I only need to come to Level 2. is it the same price?  A: No, it’s $399 lessQ: What if I am recently trained, and I only want Mentoring with the group? A: The price is $1200Q: Do you have a payment plan?  A: Yes, via PayPal; 1, 2 or 3 installmentsQ: How do I reserve my space?  A: Write me now: Jondi@eft4Results.comQ: Does this have everything I need to get certified?   A: Yes, and more.Q: Will you run this again?  A: Yes, in 2017Q: What if I took these classes a long time ago?  A: You need a refresher!Q: What if I’m already trained, and recently – can I still get this deep mentoring?A: Yes!  Contact me and let’s get you started exactly where you need to be.

Why Choose This Training?    People Say: 

“Finally!  Someone makes it so accessible and practical!”

“This was fun, and profoundly meaningful to the work I do in the world.”

“I never understood how to do this confidently before this training!”

“This is the deep stuff – no one explained it to me like that before!”

“I love the way you show me how to integrate this into what I’m already trained to do!”


Guild logo

Print    eft_logo4EFT for Everyone!

My popular one-day course, Emotional First Aid: Everyday Triage for Everybody is an outgrowth of my work for the Newtown Community Trauma Relief Project and the veterans’ Stress Project.  This newer, larger, more comprehensive version is for healthcare providers and caregivers as well as Tappers of all kinds, both for themselves and for those they serve.  Listen here, a podcast about the many ways in which we Tap, for different purposes: am happy to host this class anywhere; contact me if you’d like this course in your town or organization!                              FEEL BETTER FAST.  And help others to do the same!Perfect training for those wishing to assist in providing speedy, effective and gentle everyday help – within classrooms, workplace, workshops as well as within private practice or helpful public intervention.  Prevent escalation and meltdown.  Save time and duress while developing comfortable boundaries with TAPPING FIRST-AID.    It’s an essential part of any technique toolbox.  NO TAPPING experience required and yet perfect for those with significant EFT training.ONE DAY and WALK AWAY with Tools You Can Use For Better Everyday LivingAn Introduction to EFT for the general public, in the morning. Suitable for first-time introduction or as refresher before Level 2 class begins.  3 hours CPD

These next 2 courses are now part of the comprehensive EFT Training for Mastery and Mentoring Mastery program, above:

Fundamentals, EFT Level I, Mastering the Core Principles – 

a welcoming grounding in the foundational EFT techniques toolbox. A hands-on adventure in formal EFT training, offering practical uses and understanding of this remarkable set of tools. (Satisfies AAMET International requirements for certification tracks.)        scroll down for more course content information

Foundations in Action, EFT Level II training,

for developing Practical & Masterful Application of EFT.  This is an intermediate course, most suited for those already acquainted with tapping’s basic tools, as well as for the serious EFT student seeking to pursue certification through AAMET, the world’s largest EFT association. Hands-on, practical application is stressed. (Those completing this course are eligible to begin the certification process.)     scroll down for more course content information

Mentoring for Mastery is offered year-round

for certification purposes, or, for practitioners to work on specific goals for their practice and skills, as well as to satisfy AAMET International annual mentoring requirements.  It is also combined with the above 2 courses for a comprehensive training and certification package, beginning in January 2016  and returning in July, 2016.