The People’s Tool!

The beauty of tapping is that   it’s fast and easy to learn.   I’ve got two great hand-outs for you, below: Classic EFT Tapping and one for Emotional First-Aid.   Download these, place pages back-to-back, and laminate for a sturdy companion that will guide you through most of the problems life can throw at you.  And[…]

Tapping With Kids

Two Children, Two Lives, Two Tappings… What’s on Your Child’s Mind? Recently I tapped with two terrific kids:  Leena, who had some worries about being late, and what that might mean or say about her.  And Sydney, who gets frustrated when trying to find ‘friends that fit.’  Just like adults, kids all have fears and[…]

PTSD & Veterans

I’m looking for the perfect place to offer a Veterans & Family outreach event! Where are YOU wanting help or information? I will come to a group of 12 or more, and give a presentation on Operation: Emotional Freedom and The Stress Project, outstanding initiatives to assist veterans and their families heal and relieve PTSD[…]

Medical Professionals Speak!

This is a collection of traditionally trained western medical professionals… who’ve learned and integrated energy medicine into their practice for dynamic results. All of these ground-breaking pioneers have come to view that Wellness is a result of many things, among them, harnessing the power of our thoughts, our emotions and our physical bodies into a[…]

Let’s Talk

  I recently sent this out from my newsletter, and the response was so good, I thought I’d keep it posted here for a while.  The title of this piece is “Blurt Power”, and it’s about finally understanding how to use what we have, right where we are.  I hope you enjoy it. Blurt Power?[…]

Coming Up! Great shows!

Coming up, up we’ve got great shows for you! On October 4th we’re visiting the delightfully wise Linda Wood, and we’ll talk about what to do with our own (or a loved ones’) scary diagnosis.  What do we do? Say?  Handle our feelings?  Here’s a great opportunity to find out from an expert.  We’re on[…]

Feel Better NOW

Why wait any longer? You can feel better now.  Right away! In just one session you’ll feel so much better; you’ll be thrilled how much lighter, more resourceful, stronger and capable you feel. Work with me to supercharge your progress on almost anything that holds you back. Transformation is not only possible – it’s quickly[…]